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Consulting Mar 21, 2020

The essential part of being free from the income restraints of others is to run your own small business.  When we say things as that people respond right back with, “I can’t do that!”  That comes from a paradigm created by others that have limited their thinking!  Anyone can accomplish anything they want to in life if they will just believe in themselves!

HMRVI Corporation has helped many people launch their own small businesses.  It starts by sharing ideas about the possibilities of what options people have for a small business that they can own and operate anywhere.  “We love to get people thinking outside the box so they can take action and create a lifestyle that they really want!”

This can be hard for people who have only worked for others.  It is easy to allow other people to control your daily actions.  “It’s easy to go to work and have someone tell you what they want and then have you figure out how to accomplish that.  Unfortunately not for the pay you think your talents are worth!”  For most, it is much easier than being the captain of their own ship where they have to be the boss.

“We are not saying that everyone should be solely in business for themselves.  Not everyone is meant to do that!  What we do encourage people to do is launch a venture that they can be passionate about, and maybe do that along with their current job so they can create additional income.”

HMRVI Corporation can help to create that vision, to help believe in the possibilities, to formulate a plan and launch a small business that could be life-changing in regards to personal income and tax benefits!

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