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Consulting Mar 21, 2020

rv inspection

RV Inspection Services: Motor Home Inspection Specialists

Whether new or used, an RV purchase is a significant financial decision!  When RVs are new, they come from the manufacturer, and issues must be addressed before a new owner takes possession of the vehicle.  That is just the nature of the industry.

When a used RV is being purchased, many issues may need to be addressed. If the used RV is at a dealership, the dealership likely did not have the time to thoroughly inspect it to address possible issues.

If the used RV is handled as a private sale, then there are even greater odds that issues will need to be addressed before a purchase price is negotiated!

HMRVI Corporation has been offering RV inspections since 2014.

After that amount of time, Howard and Pam are more sure than ever that the process that they use to evaluate RVs is thorough, the time spent with the RV is adequate to identify issues that are present, and the inspection report that is generated is valuable information that an RV buyer needs to help make an educated buying decision.

There are many types of RVs out there.  People can purchase towable type RVs like travel trailers or a 5th wheel RV.  Class A, B, and C-type RVs are for those wanting to own a driveable RV.

Given these facts, a detailed RV inspection can take eight or more hours.  These RV inspections are very detailed and involve evaluating as many as five hundred things during the detailed analysis process.  The RV Inspection Report is the Purple Monkey Locator!

rv inspections

HMRVI Corporation is a member of the NRVIA, the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association. They are the Former National Trainers for the certified RV inspector training classes in Texas.

They taught the inspectors how to evaluate RVs methodically using the NRVIA’s Standards of Practice while adhering to a strict Code of Ethics.

“We want our clients to have all the information they need so once they decide on the RV they want to buy; they will have safe and enjoyable times while traveling with their friends and family in their new RV home.”

Oil and Coolant Analysis Services

RV Inspectors can’t disassemble engines to see what’s happening inside them. However, they can take oil and coolant samples from them as long as the fluid has been in use for sufficient time.

These samples are sent to a national lab to be evaluated to see what is happening inside an engine, generator, or transmission. Since a motorized RV’s engine, transmission, and generator account for a large portion of the overall cost, why risk not knowing what happens with these critical components when purchasing a used RV?

Fluid Analysis is affordable and allows the RV buyer to get a virtual view of the engine, transmission, and generator inside.  Oil and coolant analysis add diagnostics that can’t be found elsewhere. Think of this as healthcare for an RV:

  • Tells when oil and coolants have experienced contamination
  • Indicates signs of thermal or mechanical breakdown
  • Any indication of internal part wear
  • Problem indicators long before the problems arise
  • Reduced chance of road calls, expensive repairs, or lost travel time.
  • Improves the reliability of the motorhome.

rv inspections

Oil and Coolant Analysis Before and After the Sale!

What Does Oil Analysis Tell Me?   Oil analysis measures additive levels, wear metals, contaminants (such as water or internal coolant or fuel leaks), soot levels, viscosity, oxidation, and nitration.

First, the oil is checked for viscosity loss (thinned-out oil) and thermal breakdown (too much heat).  Oil samples are also checked for signs of fuel and coolant caused by faulty injectors or leaking head gaskets and for changes in nitration level that may indicate improper fuel/air mixtures.

All of this can be checked as part of the analysis, plus any early stages of wear on internal parts can also be detected.

What Does Coolant Analysis Tell Me?   Coolant analysis measures glycol content, additive levels, Freeze Point, Boiling Point, total hardness, and dissolved solid levels (mineral content).

These tests tell you everything you need to know to fully evaluate your engine cooling system, and they will tell you if or when an engine coolant change is needed.   Detailed test reports will be emailed directly to you.  If you don’t have an email account, reports are sent to your mailbox through the US Postal Service.

Test reports are “user friendly” and color-coded, so it’s easy to spot problems if any exist.  Color codes help to indicate the overall severity of the sample using a zero to four rating scale.  A Severity Rating of zero indicates that everything is okay and no maintenance is required.

On the other hand, a Severity Rating of four indicates immediate action is necessary.  The color on the Severity Rating scale matches the data, so it’s easy to spot the problem (test result) that led to the overall Severity Rating.

The report also lists comments and recommendations instructing you and your service tech on what was found and what maintenance or checks are needed.   These are all great things to know when so much money is involved in the motorized parts of an RV!

New RV Owner Walk-Through Services

RVs are very complex!  They have multiple electrical systems, a propane system, two types of battery banks, two water systems, and many features unknown to most people living in a “sticks and bricks” home.   A home on wheels is much more complicated than a house!

How many people get a walkthrough when they purchase a house?  Not usually.  You are handed the keys, and you are assumed to know how to live in them.  This is usually true unless it has complicated low-voltage electrical systems that control the house.

Well, RVs are like homes on steroids! When purchased, they require someone to spend hours helping the new owner understand how to operate the RV. When an RV is purchased new, this is the RV dealership’s job. When it is purchased used, this should be the responsibility of the RV dealership or the person you are buying the RV from.

They may not even know everything about it!   Neither is usually enough to help the new RV owner feel comfortable living in their new RV home. This is where HMRVI Corporation can assist you!

Howard and Pam have traveled over two hundred thousand miles in RVs.  They have been living in RVs since 2002 and enjoying full-time RV living since 2008.

They know what it is like to own one and how to operate all the systems these homes on wheels have.   Howard and Pam can spend all the time you need to help you prepare for life on the road.  That includes safely operating the RV and knowing things about the RV lifestyle.

RV Pre-Purchase Consultations

When purchasing an RV home, how do you know what to look for?  If you have never had an RV before, what should you buy?  What RV will be best for you?

Even more, experienced RVers need help when buying another RV home.   There is much to consider regarding an RV purchase, especially when it involves so much money.

Let HMRVI Corporation help take the pain out of such a big decision.  Let them accompany you while you investigate your new RV home!  It could save you from making a wrong purchase because you did not think to ask questions about the RV, or you did not know what you did not know.


Howard and Pam have developed the skills to present on many RV and small business topics.  Whether talking to a group of twenty or hundreds, they can keep attendees entertained while educating them on the topics they present.  They like to call their presentation style “edutainment!”  His presentations are educational and entertaining.

RV Technician Services

Howard is an RVIA/RVDA Registered Technician. He gained that certification years ago to improve his skills as an RV inspector and client consultant. However, he does not offer technician services for pay because his full-time RV lifestyle does not allow him to stock and carry all the necessary parts to solve problems quickly.

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  1. Hi,

    I have a 2021 Keystone Outback. I have had a couple issues. We are living in it full time while we build a house.

    Would like a pro to check it out & give comprehensive list of issues.

    We are at Live Oak Landing in Freeport.

    We need an inspector to come out to us.


    1. Hi Peter!

      You can go to to see if an NRVIA inspector is in your area. We are currently out of state and are sorry we are unable to assist you. Best wishes!

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