hmrvi corporation

HMRVI Corporation was launched in March 2014.   It is the creation of and owned by Howard and Pam Jaros.  The company was launched to assist RVers and those who want to be with the information and products they need to successfully join the RV lifestyle.

What Does HMRVI Corporation Stand For?

When the corporation was conceived in early 2014, it was decided that the HMRVI Corporation would stand for Howard’s Mobile Recreational Vehicle Inspection Corporation.  Since Howard and Pam are full time RVers, that’s where the mobile part of the name fits in.  They go to their clients, not the other way around.  Also, they can operate their business in any location they choose!  You can also check them out at yourfulltimervliving.com.

Now that it has been in operation for years, the “I” in HMRVI has transitioned into Information, as that is really what the company is about: providing all kinds of information to people who want to join the RV lifestyle, start a small business, and maybe do both.

Why Start a Small Business?

They firmly believe that no matter what one’s home is, people should run a small business out of that home!  The ability to make money from home or anywhere is a fundamental principle for the sound fiscal management of one’s personal finances.  There are no guarantees in life!  A small business is a real hedge against inflation, the unknown, and a way to control one’s financial future!

Howard and Pam’s Credentials:

  • Full time RVers since 2008
  • They have traveled over 150,000 miles in all types of RVs
  • Entrepreneurs with small businesses since the mid-1980s
  • Created and operated a franchise corporation to sell a small business franchise
  • Owned a small business franchise
  • A corporate trainer
  • A seminar presenter
  • National Trainers for the NRVIA
  • RVDA/RVIA Registered Technician
  • Instructors at the NRVTA

We look forward to assisting you with any of our myriad services!  We know we can assist you in achieving whatever RV or business goals you may have.


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